Is it true that Adelaide is a better place for backpackers to start rather than Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?2020-01-21T04:53:21+00:00
Yes, this is true for many reasons.
Just to list a few.
– Less hectic environment
– Easy and small international airport with quick and effortless arrivals
– Cheaper accommodation
– Cheaper public transport
– Cheaper Backpacker Vehicles
– SA rego system is better
– No RWC hassle
– No pink slip, green slip, dark tinted white dotted purple slip
– Very backpacker friendly
– free camping in and around the city
– Adelaide has The Campervan Man :-)
Are your cars and vans mechanically checked?2020-01-21T04:55:04+00:00
Yes, all our vehicles are being mechanically checked over.
Including oil service.
To make sure it is in a safe condition for a road trip.
If things like tyres, brakes or belts are worn, they will be replaced.
Are your cars or vans used by other backpackers before?2020-01-21T04:57:14+00:00
No, we build the campervans here in our workshop.
Also, the rooftop tents are brand new on all the cars.
And the provided camping gear is also new.
Most vans we sell were business use before, like delivery or service vans.
We take them over from these businesses and make it to a campervan.
All-new, clean and unused on the inside.
What sort of vehicle is best for my road trip? Campervan or 4×4?2020-01-21T04:59:06+00:00
There are two main options for travelling on wheels, which are a campervan or a 4×4.
If you plan to travel from Adelaide to do the east coast. You can drive all the way to cairns with a van no worries.
But if you like to make side tours like Fraser Island, Kangaroo Island or through outback tracks then a 4×4 is a safer choice for you.
Also if you are planning to go to WA and NT, then a 4×4 is the best option. Because many national parks there are only accessible by 4×4.
Is it true that SA rego can be renewed online?2020-01-21T05:01:47+00:00

Yes, South Australian registration can be renewed online and or over the phone anywhere in Australia during your trip.

Do you guys always have campervans and 4x4s in stock?2020-01-21T05:32:49+00:00

We try to always have a few campervans and 4x4s available ready to go, but in the busy season, we might have low availability.

Can we reserve one of your vehicles?2020-01-21T05:36:16+00:00
Yes, you can :-)
If we offer a vehicle you like, you can make a reservation up to 4 weeks prior to your arrival.
This can be done by making a 10% deposit.
Then we keep this vehicle for you, and have it ready for you on the day of your arrival :-)
How can we pay?2020-01-21T05:38:45+00:00
There are a few ways you can pay with us.
The most preferred and used option is transferWise, from your overseas account to our Australian bank account. This takes less than 48 hours in most cases.
Some people prefer cash to be able to take the car directly.
And others use electronic bank transfer from their Australian bank account.
Do you have a European bank account?2020-01-21T05:40:27+00:00

Yes, there is a bank account in the Netherlands we can use for transactions.
You can also pay for a car to this account for $50 extra charge.

I have a 4×4, can you install a roof top tent?2020-01-21T05:45:46+00:00
Yes, we can :-)
We keep 2 types of tents in stock and can install one of these on your car. Price including fitting into your car starts from $950
Providing the car already has suitable roof racks.
Please contact us to book in or to get more info.
I have an empty van, can you make it to a campervan?2020-01-21T05:44:19+00:00
Yes, we can :-)
There are many options available for many sorts of vehicles.
Just contact us on info@thecampervanman.com.au
Explain what sort of conversion you have in mind and what make, model and year vehicle you have. Then we can work with you on some ideas and options, and together with you work out a quote.
What other extras can we add to our campervan or 4×4?2020-01-23T06:20:01+00:00
We have a range of extras to add to your campervan or 4×4
– Conventional dual battery system.
– Solar panel installation.
– Side awning 200×250 + install.
– Side awning 250×250 + install.
– 21L fridge/freezer.
– 14L waeco thermo cooler.
‐ 12v portable shower.
– Power inverter 12v-240v 150w.
– Roofracks (vehicle specific)  from
And we can as well organise other accessories if you wish.
Can you install a dual battery and Solar?2020-06-09T08:30:45+00:00

Yes, we can,
Most vehicles can be upgraded with a dual battery system for just $750
This is a system that will charge a second battery while driving.
This will come with a new deep cycle battery and 12v + USB  connection points. So you can charge accessories overnight, or connect a fridge.

However, if you want to have a fridge running 24/7, Then it is better to choose for a solar setup as well.
This can be added for another $700

Can you install a bed system in my 4×4?2020-01-21T05:47:57+00:00
We can install bed systems in many larger 4×4 or non 4×4 models.
The system we usually build in is a fold out system with moving parts.
It will sit in the boot space of the car and moves over the back seat to form the bed plateau. Therefore it requires certain internal dimensions of the car to be able to move freely. Just contact us to find out if this is possible for your car.
Prices for this start from $850
How does it work with vehicle registration/transfer?2020-01-21T05:50:43+00:00
All of the vehicles we sell are registered in South Australia
The registration process is quite simple and we will guide you through this. All you need to do is fill in the transfer form we already have, and take that to one of the registration offices in SA with your drivers license, passport, bank card and proof of address (which can be hotel/hostel address). Then the vehicle is transferred to your name, and you are good to go :-)
Where do I need to look out for when buying a car or campervan?2020-01-21T05:52:37+00:00
It is most important to look at the kilometer reading.
Most vehicles in Australia have a lifespan in between 300000km and 400000km
Therefore we only concentrate on vehicles with around 250000km or less. To offer the best chance on a reliable vehicle.
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