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Toyota Hiace 4×4

4×4 Toyota Hiace vans are in high demand!
Having a campervan is great, but it would be even better if the van is 4×4!
Having the best of both worlds, The space and practicality of a van combined with the capability to go off-road without getting stuck in the sand, wet grass, or on a slippery slope. 
We, The Campervan Man love to offer campervans that are more capable than the average campervan. From a personal perspective, and from many customers’ perspectives who like to get more out of their holiday than they can with a regular 2wd vehicle.

4×4 Toyota Hiace vans are a factory option for the Japanese market.
Luckily, there is the option to import 2nd hand vehicles from other countries to Australia!
We carefully source and select our vans from Japan, Only vans that are classified as in excellent/near new condition with low mileage have our interest. Because our customers rightfully have a higher expectation for a campervan and how it is presenting than the average tradie expects from a work van.

We deal with contacts in Japan to make sure the vans we purchase are in good condition, checked, tested, and free of damage or crash repairs.
Japanese vans on average have a much lower mileage-to-price ratio, as well as a much better condition-to-age ratio compared to the Australian market.
We only focus on Toyota Hiace vans, for a few simple reasons.
Size, Toyota Hiace vans have the longest floor in this category, making it the most ideal van for a campervan conversion.
Popularity, Toyotas are the most popular vehicles in Australia, especially for traveling.
Safety, 4×4 vans have better driving characteristics and traction on gravel roads. Especially for those living on or traveling to Kangaroo Island, Outback/off-road communities, and campgrounds.
Reliability, no explanation required, it’s a Toyota!
We try to always have one or more vehicles on the way to Australia, which takes around 3 months from purchase to Licensing. Many of these are reserved shortly after arrival, or even before. Feel free to ask what is currently available or coming soon.
If we haven’t any vehicles that meet your requirements, we can source and import them for you personally as well.

Feel free to contact us for more information!